Women of Influence

A range of contemporary hand made ceramics in porcelain with a fresh look at the art of crochet.

Most of the crochet doilies used to imprint the porcelain were made by my Finnish grandmothers over 30-50 years ago.

I have named them after some of the women in my family who have most influenced my creative life.

Iida Vappu

My maternal grandmother born on Paalasmaa, a small island in Finland.  One of my fondest childhood memories is playing with her collection of buttons while ‘Mummo’ sat at her sewing machine.

Aune Maria

My paternal grandmother was born in Kauhajoki. ‘Mummi’ enjoyed and excelled in all sorts of crafts including weaving rugs and making bobbin lace.

Maija Liisa

My mother was born in Kuusankoski.  She taught me to sew, first by hand at the age of two with a large darning needle and then at the age of eight she gave me my first sewing machine.

Laila Esteri

My Aunt and godmother was born in Kauhajoki.  Laila mastered the art of making wedding gowns.  She is also well known in our family for making the best Boston Kakku, a type of cinnamon scroll cake.

Limited Edition Series #1

This series of pots was one of the first commissions I have made. The following statement was written by the owner of the doilies used in this work, Sarah C.

The crochet doilies used to imprint the porcelain were made by my maternal grandmother and paternal great-grandmother over 50 – 100 years ago.

I have named these imprints after these women in my family who have greatly influenced my appreciation for creativeness.

Edith (Ross) Pigdon

My maternal grandmother was born in Caerphilly, Wales, United Kingdom.

She trained as a cutter and designer and turned her hands to making anything from beanie to ball gown. Edith mastered and many crafts, particularly crochet.


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