Happy New Year

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Happy New Year friends!

I have recently spoken to a few artists successful in marketing and selling their work and we all agree
with this success comes the need to produce our work in larger quantities as well as all the day to
day organisation that comes with running a small business leaving us less and less time to just create
something new. We all crave the time to just let our imaginations run free and while doing so let it
express itself in our chosen medium.

So I have decided to declare 30 days of creativity! In this 30 days it is my intention to create
something new each day. There are no rules other than to create something new in any medium I
feel inspired by at the time. I enjoy working in many different mediums so expect to see not only
ideas in clay but also in fabric, paper and photography. This is an exercise in unleashing creativity so
there will be a range of things from the ordinary to (hopefully) the interesting. I will post some of
these experiments and would love your feedback.

I hope with the start of a fresh new year you are inspired to follow your heart and live out your

Love, Tania.

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