Women of Influence – Limited Edition

Women of Influence  –  Limited Edition Series #2

This series of vases was commissioned by Leigh T who was after a unique wedding gift for her granddaughter. The following statement was written by the owner of the doilies used in this work, Leigh T.

“We were living in Singapore in 1971 and I met a lady called Helen. She had left Yugoslavia many years before bringing with her all the families old patterns for Lace Knitting (this is the art of knitting lace on either four or circular needles ). This is all done from a graph rather than a written pattern. She told me stories of the young girls in Yugoslavia knitting curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, doilies etc for their trousseau. Some were  finely knitted on sewing machine thread. A lot of knitting was done during the long cold winters. These articles were often passed down through families as were the patterns. Helen taught me how to read these graphs and patiently knit on round needles. It was very hot in Singapore and no airconditioning so I would sit under the fans and knit my doilies listening to stories from Helen about growing up in Yugoslavia…”

This series is available only at the Craft ACT Gallery Shop. For more information you can visit their website http://www.craftact.org.au/shop/


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